.: Marvel Villains


Adahm Afterburner Amun Band of Baddies Batroc II Beetle Bio-Genes Black Death
Black Swan Bloodaxe Bora Carnage Conquistador Cool Million Crimson Cowl Crossbones
Daze Dog Dr Doom Electro Femme Fatales Firebolt Gorgon Grim Reaper
Horse Hydroman Insecticide Agent Gertrude Jacks Alyonsha Kravinoff Lady Bullseye Lady Lotus Leader
Lightmaster Llyron Carlos Lobo Eduardo Lobo Madame Masque Marquis of Death Monkey Monster Master
Morg Mr Negative Noise Overrider Persuader Phantom Rider Plasma Pyromania
Queen Quicksand Radioactive Man Red Hulk Red She-Hulk Resistants Scattershot Shatterfist
Shriek Siberion Snow Leopards Spark Stealth Streetman Sunstroke Supercharger
Tarantula III The Squid Vanguard Volga Belle Vulture Wind Eagle Zapper Zodiac Gang

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